Friday, May 1, 2009

Photos in Krabi

seperti yg dijanjikan.. here are some snapshots of Krabi vacation that we had recently..

this photo was taken at Phranang Cave.. beautiful beach but not so sesuai for mandi2 cos' rough sea.. ni perhentian pertama we all sepanjang island hoping. April is the hottest month for Krabi but i never thought it was the high season.. cos' we were informed that December - January is usually the high season. tp season yg baru2 ni whether tak berapa bagus sbb hujan almost everyday.

Ha.. jernihkan air dia?? jgn tertipu.. ni bukan gambar kat pool... this photos were taken at Poda Island... kitorg mmg mandi dgn ikan je kat sini... mmg tgh panas gile masa ni.. it's middle of afternoon. matahari tgh atas kepala.. this is one of the main attraction of Krabi for it's white sand beach.. there is a sand bank connecting 2 islands. bila masa air surut then only the sand bank appear.. unfortunately nak upload video sgt la tak berjaya.. maybe nx time

Koh Phi Phi Tour.. highly recommended... it costs only RM70 per head (for kids 3 yrs and below it's free).. lunch provided (halal of course) siap dgn watermelon and pineapple that was prepared freshly by the staff on the boat + cakes for dessert. The tour was fun except that the place for snorkeling (Chicken Island) is not so pretty cos' most of the coral is dead.. nonetheless we still have lots of fun swimming with colorful fishes at Poda Island.

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