Friday, May 1, 2009

Maslailaquiah Muhammad

last nite suddenly aku teringat kat kak que... we first met when i joined GIA back in 2005. previously she was from MMU. aku tak penah ada kakak, n if i have a sister i wish her to be like kak que... she's a very pleasant person, pretty n she has 2 kids - Qurratu'aini and Muhammad. kalau dengar kisah hidup dia, i never thought it can happen to real people... she's the person that has gone through that bending curve in life - got married to an abusive husband, had a brain surgery due to blood clot in her brain during her 2nd pregnancy which later caused her to have periodic seizure, had a difficult divorce phase in life and finally remarried to a wonderful guy who love her through good and bad times.

she has resigned from GIA in 2007 cos' her seizure came back due to work pressure. kak que decided that it's about time for her to focus and spend more time with her kids and forget about working for the time being.... bestnya..i hope i could do the same :) tak lama lepas dia resign, kak que senyap tanpa berita.. i tried to sms her few times, tp tade respons.. i wonder how she's doing and what's new wit her.

if she read this, hope she will keep in touch cos' i surely miss her a lot..

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ibnu said...

I pun tengah carik kak que. Lama x jumpa. So far yg agak mengejutkan, aku dpt tau yg kak que berhenti keje sbb mahkamah dah keluarkan waran tangkap ke atas kak que. nape ye? dia ada buat benda tak btol ke ekk?