Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home - Dream Garden in progress

alhamdulillah it's been 6 months since we moved into our new house. lots of money were spent before and after we moved in n both me n hubby rasa until last week, we all satisfied dah dgn keadaan rumah ni. for the past couple of months there were quite a number of work done for the house - buat patio, pasang skylight, tanam rumput and last wk we all g 'shopping spree' kat sg buloh for the garden :))

since we don't have green hands dan sedar akan tahap kemalasan utk maintain all the pokoks, kami bersetuju to settle for a simple garden with lots of space for the kids to running around (although it's only Danial for the time being). a few snapshots in the last couple of weeks..

this was a day after we plant the grass... wonder about all the sands? well lepas tanam rumput, they'll spread the extra sands on top and between the joints. with extra n loving care, the next couple of weeks the sands will go down between the grasses.. n that's how it should be. oh btw the palm trees n pokok keladi gajah tu mmg dah ada since we all moved in. one thing good abt the developer is that dia mmg dah buat landscape for the garden.. tp masa we all pindah, the landscape yg tak berjaga tu sgt la menyemakkan mata.. so dear hubby telah panggil bangla mpsj to clear the garden n tinggalkan the red palm only. interestingly, pokok keladi gajah tu mmg tumbuh meliar around this area.. so we all alih anak pokok tu n tanam dekat corner. baru 5 months dah besar camtu.. impressive!

so this is the patio connecting to our dining hall.. wonder y we all buat skylight instead of proper roof? cos' that's the cheapest..eh awning lg murah.. but sape nak byr kalau setakat buat bumbung rangka kayu cost around RM7k? kat patio ni nnt we all nak letak garden chair n water features on the wall... ecececece tu yg pegi sg. buloh last week... nak survey for water fountain n garden chair yg sesuai.. perrghh mahal jugak la... tunggu my nx entry for the photos of the completed garden.


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