Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holiday in Krabi

after months of hardwork and working late (as far as i remember mmg since awal tahun aku balik keje mmg lambat) i was finally off to a week long vacation at Krabi, Thailand. Mula2 dulu plan nak holiday kat HK but due to unforeseen circumstances, me n hubby decided to go to Krabi. We've never been there before, but it was highly recommended by hubby's frens. So made some bookings at in February, we decided to stay at Somkiet Buri Resort near Ao Nang beach for 5D/4N in April.

i was really looking forward for the trip ever since the booking cos' i was so desperate for a break from work! aduh penat btul keje lately n i can see myself leaving GIA real soon.. which i really want to. in fact on the day aku dah start cuti pon i've to be in the office that morning for a meeting with auditee. knowing how unrealiable my AM can be, i'm glad i turn up that morning cos' he didnt even join in the discussion (yo yo o je ckp dgn aku kunun2 nak join). so at least tade la the team members yg terpaksa mengadap auditee. immediately lepas discussion, i spend another hour to brief the team n left the office around 12pm. sempat singgah rajesh @ bangsar for threading before heading home. oh ya, i was hoping to bring the crocs that i ordered with some fren earlier to Krabi, but unfortunately benda tu lambat sampai isk2.. i thought it would be great n comfy to wear those crocs during the holiday.. tp tade rezeki nak buat cemana.

we left KL on 21st, so on 20th tu aku hantar bibik balik rumah mama. she'll be staying at mama's house until we get back on 25th. a week earlier, mama demam teruk n as a result, sume org yg ada kat rumah tu demam sama.. masa aku sampai ampang, kak maya n ayah tgh flat gile. so risau takut2 berjangkit, before balik aku singgah klinik amik ubat.. in my mind my concern was Danial.. takut2 kalu dia yg demam. tp nak dijadikan kisah, after 2 days in Krabi i'm the one who was down with high fever! in short i only enjoyed the first 2 days of the trip... nx thing i know is that - batuk, muntah, no appetite n pening kepala yg teramat. luckily i got to enjoy the island hoping on the 2nd day in Krabi cos' Poda Island is amazing and soooo breath takingly beautiful. in next entry i'll update some of the photos.

Krabi is a small place n if you didnt go on island hoping, not much activity left. Ao Nang is one of the tourist attraction's centre besides Railay although the beach itself is not that beautiful as compared to the island. Phi Phi Island is famous among the tourists and it's in between Krabi and Phuket. Food is cheap and it's easy to find halal food cos' most of the locals are Muslim people. in fact, the owner of hotel that we stayed in is Muslim, hence the food that they served are all halal. Somkiet Buri Resort is about 5 minutes walk from the beach and very near to restaurants and markets. in fact McD and Starbucks are right across the street! but we didnt go to McD and Starbucks of course.. i wont forget how wonderful the banana nutella pancake which cost only 25baht (around RM2.50) and the fresh fruit shake i.e smoothies. mmg sedap n murah pulak tu!

nasib jugak aku sorang je yg demam pada mulanya.. at least hubby dpt layan karenah danial. sungguh pon demam, aku gagahkan diri gak beraktiviti n berjalan. tp tak boleh lama2, pastu sure lembik. kesian gak dgn hubby terpaksa ikutkan mood aku yg tak berapa ok masa kat sana. ye la, aku pon frust cos im suppose to enjoy the vacation, but end up jatuh sakit.. mana la nak happy. to make things worse, danial was down on the last day. i was up at 4.30am Saturday bila aku rasa badan Danial panas sgt. n being Danial, nak makan ubat mmg satu azab.. menyesal aku tak mintak ubat masuk bontot kat doktor before pegi tu... berkali2 kena paksa makan ubat cos everytime dia akan muntah, so we have to ensure that he keep the medicine down or else demam dia tak kebah. Danial lemah sgt n first time dia lembik tak bermaya.. kesian btul aku tgk. in fact last 2 days demam dia dtg balik n almost seminggu dah dia demam. aku terpaksa amik EL 2 hari to take care of him. kesian tgk Danial, dah la kurus bila sakit mcm ni he looks so vulnerable.. asyik mengadu sakit mulut la, sakit telinga la.. i guess badan dia mmg sakit2 cos that's exactly what i feel masa demam hari tu. in fact sampai la nih pon kepala aku masih ting tong... ada masa2 rasa pening sgt. maybe belum fully recover..

tu la kisah we all at Krabi.. no photos for now but later2 la aku update.

ConfessionOfAShopaholic: sbb sakit, aku tak dpt shopping sakan.. the only thing yg sempat is tempah jacket/suit and pants 2 pasang kat sana.. total 6000baht (around RM600). owh btw, remember abt the halter neck dresses yg aku mentioned dlm post before? aku telah menangkap both dresses in green and turqoise juga :))

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shopping Fever

wah lama nye tak update.. 2009 is a fast year for me n without realizing, the first quarter has lapsed. anyway, just nak story that lately I got this huge craving, temptation and lust over SHOPPING! aiyohh it's scary maaa... mane taknye i've been monitoring my spending carefully to make sure that i won't spend unnecessarily especially during this period of economy turmoil.. u'll never know what is gonna be next kan.. so i'm quite concern and kononnya try to be cautious about my spending. in fact aku dah settle my credit cards outstanding during early of the year so that i maintain only current balance je... (perghh proud sey.. bukan senang oo) n i've terminated few cards to reduce the likelihood of ter'spend' over my ability to pay.

aku ni sebenarnye boleh tahan jugak kaki shopping.. but i dont admit the fact myself cos' i'm not proud of it. lagi la plak being an accountant myself, bukan ke i'm suppose to be 'berkira' n a bit of kedekut?? hehehe... although aku tak agree on the stereotype perception, but it's kinda true yg accountants mmg mcm tu (huhuhuhu tutup muka sendiri...) but i always think of myself as a smart spender.... i would go for value for money... as for necessity tu... tak semestinya cos' kdg2 aku beli sbb aku nak.. but i'll find my way to reason that i need it! :))

so apa aku dah beli for the past couple of months??? the list are as follows:

Baju + tudung
I would say that since January 2009 until now aku dah abis about RM2000 on clothes and tudung.... errr but not on myself alone, tp utk family i.e Danial, Hubby, Mama, Mom in-law, Adlyn, etc.. but i think i won't spend on tudung lg after this sbb rasa dah cukup kot dgn apa yg ada.

and currently aku ada kegilaan baru - dresses. sounds ridiculous kan??? tp aku mula terjebak masa ada jualan kat ofis last week (sbb hari gaji + bonus). it all started when i found this one beautiful halter neck dress that fit me nicely.. dan berharga RM65 after discount of course. terasa agak mahal... tp ia sangat cantik. so kisah apa.. sekali sekala la katakan.. tp tadi masa berjalan kat sunway pyramid aku telah menyambar satu black dress yg sangat seksi dgn kain yg sgt best dan cuma berharga RM49 selepas discount (ori. price is RM139).

dan kini aku terasa menyesal sbb tak sambar kaler hijau dan turqoise sekali.. adakah esok aku bakal menyambar nye?? jeng jeng jeng... sila tunggu confession in the next post.

I got 3 new handbags since December last year until now... total is about RM400. ok le tu kan?? beli masa Sale n sumenya discounts 50% and above :)

huhuhu yg ni tetiba aku telah spend more than RM600 only for the past few days!! huhuhu hopefully hubby aku tak baca la benda ni.. suddenly aku telah terjebak dgn CROCS. aduiii never in my life i thought i will be buying crocs for myself or anybody else cos' it is so damn expensive. all that i know my friend kak dilla mmg suka gile la beli crocs ni for her kids. utk Danial pon aku beli imitation punya je before this... but when my friend promote discounted crocs, aku telah menyambar 3 - 2 for me and 1 for hubby. hasil tangkapan yg amat memuaskan. tp sbb aku telah jatuh centa dgn ke'comfy'annye aku telah menyambar lagi 2 kat crocs outlet @ sunway pyramid - 1 shoe for me and a batman cayman for Danial. tuh dia... penangan sawan buaya yg telah menawan diri aku for the past few days.

in fact last weekend aku telah menyambar 3 kasut - 2 from Nichii and 1 from VISS. all at discounted price (total RM120 je.. ok la kan?). tp hari ni aku discover kasut VISS yg pada mulanya sgt sedap dipakai telah menggigit kaki aku masa lunch time bile aku jalan merata kat mid valley dgn kak aween. then i started to feel - there goes my money.. RM35 spend but only to get a sore feet.. nasib baik gak RM35 je (originally the price was RM70).

so itu lah spending yg aku ingat setakat ni... rasanya ni je la yg significant. there are other spending of course but no need to mention la sini. but i know this are all temporary cos' i blame it all on my hormonal changes (gara2 clomid.. im trying to get pregnant again after failed trying last year) hehehehe... kan aku dah kata... i wont admit that i'm a shopaholic.. sbb rasanya mcm criteria to fit myself as shopaholic blm cukup (lg mau deny kan... :) )