Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adik.. where are you??

it was 3.10pm n i was in the middle of a meeting.
my phone vibrates in silence n i could see 'ayah' is calling.
it took me few seconds to answer,

"nina tgh meeting," aku terus bagitau ayah..

"oh ok.. ," he hanged up..

well it's not that i'm being rude, but i know my family would definitely understand n if there is anything urgent they would sms me to call back.
so i guess there's nothing serious.. probably ayah just wants to ask me something..

few minutes later my phone vibrates again n a text message from ayah appeared.. it reads:

'Joe left d hse. According 2 mama abang talked to him that upset him. He did not answer d fon. Plz cal him n ask him 2 cal me'

OMG... my heart skip a beat. what happened?? aku dah tak boleh nak concentrate lg in the meeting. it took me few minutes to think about wat i should do... i left the meeting room for a while and make a quick phone call to Adik.. as expected, it reaches his voice message... he has shut off his phone.

then i remember that he's also using 017 number.. i tried calling the other line but after 1 ring - a machine answered..please try again later. shit... i know i couldn't get him. aku rase hopeless sangat... so the least that i can do is to text him -

'Adik, kngah tau apa jadi. pedulikan la abang tu..just relax n tenangkan fikiran.. i know u r upset. meh balik rumah kngah. mama n ayah risau'

no response..

i've decided to sms Hafiz... Hafiz is my younger brother n Adik is the youngest. Hafiz is currently in Moscow doing medic n he'll graduate by next month... yup, he's gonna be da first doctor in the family and we are so proud of him. Last couple of years the bond between Hafiz n Adik has become closer. Apparently Hafiz started treating him more like a friend instead of adik... n i realized that Adik has become more matured and he socializes better. Adik ni pendiam n he keeps a lot of things within himself.. so kadang2 tu susah skit nak paham dgn dia. since he's not that good in talking, selalu benda yg dia nak sampaikan tu tak terluah hence he'd become upset.

but ever since Hafiz becoming close to him, byk benda dia start to open up n share his thoughts dgn Hafiz. Biasa la budak2 remaja byk je la conflict diri n conflict dgn parents... so in a way bila Hafiz tau pasal Adik byk la yg dia citer ngan aku n mama. Hopefully that we understand him better... which later we did. so in this case i hope Hafiz could reach his friends and mintak tolong diorg carik and tengok2kan keadaan Adik. I know in this instance, Adik would need sometimes alone to cool down. at least if his friend could ensure that he's doing fine, Mama n Ayah wont worry that much.

As for Abang plak, well let me put it this way... they despise each other...most of the time! ntah la mmg tak ngam. ade je benda nak argue.. but selalunya Abang la yg mulakan. Aku pon tak paham apsal dia suka sgt carik salah Adik. So bila mama ckp Adik upset dgn Abang, I knew there must be something that Abang said that touches his sensitivity.. ye la air tenang jgn sangka tade buaya. I dont blame Adik cos' knowing Abang, surely n aku yakin apa yg Abang cakap sgt tak patut although aku sendiri tatau apa yg Abang ckp kat Adik.

Aku called to speak to both ayah n mama, to ask what exactly happen. Ayah was not at home when Adik left.. Mama was alone. Apparently mama sendiri pon tatau cos' Adik only said - tanya abang, right before he left the house... yg Mama dgr, mula2 bunyi mcm org bergaduh coming from his room.. n knowing he was alone in his room, surely he's having n argument dgn someone over the phone. then lepas tu bunyi mcm org pecah barang n bila Mama open the door, kerusi dah patah... keadaan bilik tunggang langgang n he was sitting on his bed crying. Mama terus tanya wat's wrong n y? but he didnt said anything... he kept quiet n started packing his stuff. Right away Mama tau dat he's leaving... Mama called Ayah n Ayah asked her to grab his car keys but it was too late. Mama cuma sempat tarik beg Adik to stop him from leaving. But dia terus bla sehelai sepinggang...

Both Mama n Ayah were terribly sad over what happened. Mama tak boleh nak ckp apa2 bila call Abang cos' she was too upset. Yang paling aku kesian kat Adik is that dia baru je tamat diploma n he came back from Johor last 2 days.. budak tu baru je nak berehat n enjoying himself, tau2 dah jadi mcm ni. Sapa la yg tak tensen... aku rasa it is something to do about computer.. as if Abang complaint about Adik using the computer at home.. alahai benda kecik je pon nak berkira abang aku ni.

to Adik, if you r reading this please don't hold ur grudges... let it go, it's not worth it. Just forget about Abang cos' we all knew how bad he used to treat u n even Abang Chik (Hafiz). Nothing much we can do cos' he's the eldest... but i know that u are better than him. Mama, Ayah, Abang Chik n Kak Ngah love u so much no matter what. Come home and stay wit me if u hated his guts.. tade halnya..u can have ur own room.. amik laptop kngah n used the internet day in n day out.. Kak Ngah n Abg Armie won't mind at all! Balik la Adik...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home - Dream Garden in progress

alhamdulillah it's been 6 months since we moved into our new house. lots of money were spent before and after we moved in n both me n hubby rasa until last week, we all satisfied dah dgn keadaan rumah ni. for the past couple of months there were quite a number of work done for the house - buat patio, pasang skylight, tanam rumput and last wk we all g 'shopping spree' kat sg buloh for the garden :))

since we don't have green hands dan sedar akan tahap kemalasan utk maintain all the pokoks, kami bersetuju to settle for a simple garden with lots of space for the kids to running around (although it's only Danial for the time being). a few snapshots in the last couple of weeks..

this was a day after we plant the grass... wonder about all the sands? well lepas tanam rumput, they'll spread the extra sands on top and between the joints. with extra n loving care, the next couple of weeks the sands will go down between the grasses.. n that's how it should be. oh btw the palm trees n pokok keladi gajah tu mmg dah ada since we all moved in. one thing good abt the developer is that dia mmg dah buat landscape for the garden.. tp masa we all pindah, the landscape yg tak berjaga tu sgt la menyemakkan mata.. so dear hubby telah panggil bangla mpsj to clear the garden n tinggalkan the red palm only. interestingly, pokok keladi gajah tu mmg tumbuh meliar around this area.. so we all alih anak pokok tu n tanam dekat corner. baru 5 months dah besar camtu.. impressive!

so this is the patio connecting to our dining hall.. wonder y we all buat skylight instead of proper roof? cos' that's the awning lg murah.. but sape nak byr kalau setakat buat bumbung rangka kayu cost around RM7k? kat patio ni nnt we all nak letak garden chair n water features on the wall... ecececece tu yg pegi sg. buloh last week... nak survey for water fountain n garden chair yg sesuai.. perrghh mahal jugak la... tunggu my nx entry for the photos of the completed garden.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

...... something?

trace the line,
track the words,
feel the air,
i want to be there.. i wish i was there
taste the rain,
smells of daffodils,
hears the silence..

take me in.. hold me within
cuddle me up
grip me tight
freeze the night
held the memory... forever stays

Friday, May 15, 2009

Funeral Blues

Does the title sounds familiar?? Maybe it does to some people.. I fall in love with this piece after watching the movie - Four Weddings and A Funeral . Well it was an old movie though, but like any good movie, there are parts where it touches your heart or a catchy tagline that you will remember. It's like when Julia Stiles recites '10 things i hate about you' during her class .

This piece of work was beautifully written by W.H Auden. The pain.. sorrow.. I could feel it all. Really love it.. don't u??

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He is Dead.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


eeeeeeee syoknye bila dapat laptop baru last Tuesday. for the past 4 years I've been using my own laptop at work. bukan sbb ofis tak bagi laptop, it's just that my laptop was wayyyyyy much better quality than the one I got before hehee..

because this year i was assigned with additional tasks and responsibility yg aku 'terpaksa' buat, dan ditambah pula dgn budget tahun ni yg lebih to replace old laptops (thanks to Azhari :)) , so aku telah menyuarakan hasrat aku kat IT support early this year to give me a new laptop :)

lg pon tak fair la kan keje kena lebih dah tu guna personal laptop plak.. dah la last year laptop aku kena hit virus - 3 kali tau... sedey aku.. nasib baik tak kiok. cuma skang ni my darling Compaq dah jadi sgt2 slow and at times problem gak. probably the after effect due to virus attack last time. patutnya kalau re-format balik should be ok, it's just that aku tak la pandai sgt bab2 computer ni n i need a helping hand. tp sbb aku nye laptop ni personal punye, takkan nak mintak tlg IT support kat ofis kan...

let's go back to my earlier story... al kisah hari Selasa hari tu laptop2 baru pon sampai... yeehaaa
the new laptop is Dell E6400 with following spec:

U813C Intel (R) Core (TM) Duo Processor P8600


XT454 80GB SATA (5400RPM) Hard Drive

H250D 24X CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive

D143J 14.1" Widescreen WXGA (1280 x 800) LED Display

Tapi, tak dilupakan.. ni lah COMPAQ kesayangan aku, buah hati pengarang report2, email2, blog2 entries, etc.. yg sentiasa menemani aku during my ups and downs.. in fact she will now be my home laptop permanently... luv ya babe
tgk la sampai discoloured the board where i rest my wrist. in fact the left-button for mouse pad tu dah terkopek getah tu... the rubber tu sampai lunyai, lembik cam chewing-gum jadinye.. that's y aku kopek terus tinggal plastik underneath :))

but in terms of performance of the new Dell, it's too soon to comment... but the touch pad 'kureng' skit la berbanding my Compaq. as a result, aku lebih comfortable pakai mouse. i don't like to use mouse sbb rasa leceh aa.. n this is proven by the condition of mouse pad button on my dear Compaq huhu (sila lihat bukti gambar dan description di atas)

pape pon aku happy sbb dpt laptop baru :))

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wolverine Malaysia??

Semalam masa kat surau me, Fadh and Haliana tiba2 talking about movies.. it all begin when Fadh planned to watch Wolverine over the weekend. Aku ckp aa yg aku dah tgk... cite tu boleh thn la, best jugak.

Dah tu aku pon tanye la.. citer Bohsia tu best ke?? aku pon tatau la apsal aku tanya cos' i'm sure none of my friends would go to watch such movie. So ape lg, terus la keluar komen2 abt the movie yg tak berapa best. No offence, but the title je pon to me mcm agak sengal la - Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam?? what da... n btw as far as i remember, 'culture' Bohsia ni was wayyyyyyyy back in 1990's masa aku baru abis sekolah rendah nak masuk sekolah menengah. so to me the story line n concept is kinda outdated... come on la, agak rigid la idea nak buat filem kat mesia ni.. but i'm impress and would give some credits to Yasmin Ahmad. So far her film has penetrate another level and give a different perception on Malaysia film. She's so original and her concepts are very Malaysian.. way to go!

Aik tetiba aku dah jd komentator filem2 pulak dah... meraban ntah kemana.. so back to the topic, tetiba Fadh throw the question.. agak2 kalau la Malaysia nak buat filem mcm Wolverine tu, boleh imagine tak sape yg boleh jd Wolverine Malaysia? Fadh kata bayangkan la kalau Rosyam Nor... mmm no, no... kureng sesuai la

Then ada plak yg ckp... Ako Mustapha? hehehe i dont think so.. pastu naik plak nama Jehan Miskin? well, cannot also la... dia kalu berlakon ganas nampak mcm tak natural la.. aku plak mcm terpikir Awal Ashaari.. ntah la i just hv the feelings that he has a lot to offer behind those facade. Then tiba2 one person appear in my mind n everybody agrees that he'd be the most suitable person - Aqasha (hehehe mcm anak sendiri plak rasanye.. mentang2 nama sama). u guys think?

tp aku rasa kalau ada Wolverine versi Malaysia sure title akan jadi Badang??

Friday, May 1, 2009

Photos in Krabi

seperti yg dijanjikan.. here are some snapshots of Krabi vacation that we had recently..

this photo was taken at Phranang Cave.. beautiful beach but not so sesuai for mandi2 cos' rough sea.. ni perhentian pertama we all sepanjang island hoping. April is the hottest month for Krabi but i never thought it was the high season.. cos' we were informed that December - January is usually the high season. tp season yg baru2 ni whether tak berapa bagus sbb hujan almost everyday.

Ha.. jernihkan air dia?? jgn tertipu.. ni bukan gambar kat pool... this photos were taken at Poda Island... kitorg mmg mandi dgn ikan je kat sini... mmg tgh panas gile masa ni.. it's middle of afternoon. matahari tgh atas kepala.. this is one of the main attraction of Krabi for it's white sand beach.. there is a sand bank connecting 2 islands. bila masa air surut then only the sand bank appear.. unfortunately nak upload video sgt la tak berjaya.. maybe nx time

Koh Phi Phi Tour.. highly recommended... it costs only RM70 per head (for kids 3 yrs and below it's free).. lunch provided (halal of course) siap dgn watermelon and pineapple that was prepared freshly by the staff on the boat + cakes for dessert. The tour was fun except that the place for snorkeling (Chicken Island) is not so pretty cos' most of the coral is dead.. nonetheless we still have lots of fun swimming with colorful fishes at Poda Island.

Maslailaquiah Muhammad

last nite suddenly aku teringat kat kak que... we first met when i joined GIA back in 2005. previously she was from MMU. aku tak penah ada kakak, n if i have a sister i wish her to be like kak que... she's a very pleasant person, pretty n she has 2 kids - Qurratu'aini and Muhammad. kalau dengar kisah hidup dia, i never thought it can happen to real people... she's the person that has gone through that bending curve in life - got married to an abusive husband, had a brain surgery due to blood clot in her brain during her 2nd pregnancy which later caused her to have periodic seizure, had a difficult divorce phase in life and finally remarried to a wonderful guy who love her through good and bad times.

she has resigned from GIA in 2007 cos' her seizure came back due to work pressure. kak que decided that it's about time for her to focus and spend more time with her kids and forget about working for the time being.... bestnya..i hope i could do the same :) tak lama lepas dia resign, kak que senyap tanpa berita.. i tried to sms her few times, tp tade respons.. i wonder how she's doing and what's new wit her.

if she read this, hope she will keep in touch cos' i surely miss her a lot..

Labor Day - 1/5/2009

aiyoh yoh yoh... dunno wat happen to me today... this morning, i woke up penuh semangat bersiap nak pegi ofis. yup, u heard me right... aku telah bangun pagi on 1/5/2009 dan bersiap utk pegi ofis! sume sbb gara2 aku EL 2 hari lepas n sbb rasa sgt risau meninggalkan audit team terkontang kanteng selama 2 hari (dah la last week cuti 1 wk) hari ni kira semangat waja la nak g ofis. but through out the way to the office only aku realize yg jln smooth gile...not only tak jam, tp lengang.. wonder gak at first apsal tade org ni... cuti agaknya..ceh mentang2 dah cuti lama suka2 je berangan today public holiday... tu la bisikan kata2 hati aku sepanjang driving this morning.

tp bila aku exit to Jln Pantai Baharu from NPE, tahap kelengangan buat aku rasa sgt pelik... mmm after near the police station then aku realize - eh, hari ni bape hb?? alamak! 1/5 bukan labor day ke??! aiseyyyyy... suddenly it hits me right in the face, aku rasa panas je muka aku.. terus pull-over kat tepi balai polis. IT'S PUBLIC HOLIDAY TODAY! N I'M ALREADY IN FRONT OF MY OFFICE!!! gosh... b4 ni penah gak la aku tak sedar yg public holiday is around, tp usually 1 or 2 days before tu org dah kecoh2, so aku tau la. just because my hubby is working today, aku pon langsung lupa dgn tarikh hari ni! pastu aku pon call la hubby, punya la dia gelakkan aku... hahahahaha mmg ntah apa2 la hari ni.. tau member2 ofis aku sure kena gelak sakan nih

so wat's my plan for today?? btw, Danial is getting better only that his coughing n flu has no sign of slowing down as yet (tp ubat dah abis... ). aku rasa nak g kaler rambut... tp tak sure lg nak pegi kat mana... i need to boost my spirit balik la lepas demam ni. probably nak pegi kat A Cut n Above Academy kut... we'll see la how.. but anyway i'm glad it's public holiday today at least i got to spend longer time with Danial.... kesian dia.