Wednesday, August 18, 2010

oo..chocolate truffle!

nyum2.. i made my first chocolate truffle!!! thanks to Adeeb for the recipe.. it was so easy n sooo nyummieeeeeee

so people, i wish to share the recipe:

2 packs of OREO cookies
1/2 pack of Philadelphia cream cheese
cooking chocolate (can make ur own chocolate ganache or melted choc chip)

1. crush the OREO cookies into very fine texture.. u can used food processor or blender for this
2. mix together the cream cheese
3. roll into marble size balls (or what ever size to ur liking) n leave it in the fridge while u prepare the cooking chocolate for coating.
4. coat the 'choc ball' into the cooking chocolate n leave it to cool in the fridge...VOILA! the chocolate truffles are ready :)

notes: the recipe makes 65-70 pieces.. i made only half of the recipe. btw, no photo cos' it doesn't look pretty but the taste is superb!