Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Act of God - Landslides at Bukit Antarabangsa

It's beyond imagination, it's scary and terribly horrifying. There's no exact words that I could easily described on what happened to our most beloved, used-to-be cosy and relaxing paradise.. Mama & Ayah's home - Taman Bukit Mewah, Bukit Antarabangsa.

It's still stunned me and give me this chill, shivering feeling running up my spine whenever I read and saw the photo shoots of the area after the massive landslides hit the place on 6/12/2008. It was wee in the morning when my hp suddenly rang and 'Mama Hp' appeared on the screen.. it's 4am in the morning and automatically I had this funny feeling in my guts signalling that I'm about to hear something bad over the phone. Mama n Ayah balik to B.A the night before after I got back from work. Ntahla rasa macam berat hati je bila mama n ayah nak balik malam tu. In my mind, ah agaknya sbb mama n ayah dah lama stay dgn we all, aku rasa sayu and sedih plak bila diorg nak balik... but our guts would always tell us if something bad gonna happen.. and that is really true..

'Hello Ma..,' I quickly answer the phone within seconds after it rang.. and I could hear some noise at the back with ayah's voice talking to someone.

'Nina.. rumah kita kena landslides... abis la. Mama takut, bunyi kuat... ya Allah..,' Mama's voice was trembling at the other end and I couldn't believed my ears.. Subhanallah..
Stuttered and shaking, I asked back which part?? It's just doesn't sounds right to me cos' the house was not surrounded by nearby hill slopes.. it's like about 500m away from our house.

'Ni belakang rumah aunty Safiyah ke Ma??' Aunty Safiyah is one of Mama's best friend and her house is along the main road which was backed by the hill slopes. Luckily, she and family have moved to HK sometimes last year and currently the house is rented by a western couple.

'Ntah la.. Mama tak berani nak tengok... tanah dah berbukit besar.. jalan tak nampak... ni bunyi lagi ni, Ya Allah! we all dah keluar rumah ni lari... kalau jatuh lagi sekali tak sempat, mati laa..'

'Astaghfirullah hal azim...' I couldn't say further more. By this time I knew the landslides must be very huge and yet still I couldn't visualize or imagine how it was... The slopes is behind rows of bungalows along the main road and our house is separated by a river (longkang besar) and there's another rows of bungalows opposite our home.

In my mind, I never thought the landslides could make it's way and cross over the river.. but the real fact is that it has wiped off everything along it's way in one BIG wave which incredibly move the 5000+ sqft houses 300 metres from it's original location and make it landed on top of the roof of another house!!!
Mama couldn't talked long afraid that the HP battery is running low. Lepas letak telefon, aku tak boleh tidur, in fact hubby pon dah bangun bila dengar my voice shaking while talking over the phone dengan Mama.

Aku on tv, but no news or anything yet .. yelah, benda baru jadi. Aku called Adik tapi phone tak jawab. Aku sms Adik, and after 10 minutes, he called me asking what happened. Try not to stir any panic, I told him what happened but of course anybody would be shocked at this moment.
Immediately I sms Ayah, asking him to update me any news and let me know if he wants to be picked up at the soonest. Knowing all this, the place would be chaotic and full of vehicles in no time and for sure jalan mesti traffic jam gile2 punya towards hulu kelang. The worrying part is that both Mama n Ayah are still tired after staying at my place for 2 weeks sbb tolong aku pindah rumah.. and with this incident happening, I'm sure they are gonna be exhausted and eventually aku risau kalau2 Mama n Ayah jatuh sakit.

Right now Mama n Ayah are staying wit us.. luckily aku dah pindah rumah. So selesa la sikit untuk diorg stay with we all. Alhamdulillah kereta ayah pon dah dpt bawak keluar lepas temporary bridge dah siap dibina. Nonetheless, mama couldn't stop crying whenever she talked about what happened... sapa yang tak sedih. Even aku ni pon, walau pon belum tgk tempat kejadian dgn mata kepala sendiri, I dont think if I have the guts to see the place that I go back to every week without failed and the place where I grew up for the past 16 years.

Tak ada lagi laluan jalan yg dipenuhi pokok2 menghijau, tak ada lagi the familiar rows of houses I used to admire now and then (especially the new green n white house opposite the guard house that gave me so much inspiration for our new house), tak ada lagi jalan yg Mama jogged everyday and the one that I've strolled along with Danial during fine evenings.. and probably we wont have the chance to sleep and stay overnight in the house that brings the most memories of our lives... It's devastatingly sad experience ever and I wonder how the future gonna be when the fine things are no longer there and when things are never gonna be the same anymore...