Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shopaholic Back in Action - Warehouse Sales (Part 1)

2010 shopping spree begin.. so it all started during Litt Tak Warehouse Sales (11/3-14/3). I never been to this warehouse sales before because basically they offer toys dat I thought only for da 'big boys'. But after reading some reviews, well I decided to go on the last day..

I got almost 10 toys for Danial... mostly Ban Dai toys where the price ranging between RM5 to RM18. Nak kata good bargain tu, boleh tahan laa cos' definitely those toys tak dpt below RM10 la kalau normal price.

Tak yah citer byk.. tgk je la hasil tangkapan kat bawah ni.

Aku takleh resist yg ni.. beli gak dgn alasan utk hubby's cousin yg nak bersalin soon.. RM40 je ok.. disney baby lg.. kat kotak ni tulisan jepon mmg aku tak paham la.. but something like 16 in 1 kinda thing toy... i likeee

Pastu aku telah terjebak ke L'oreal, Maybelline and Garnier Warehouse Sales .. bila tu tak ingat plaks.. on da 19th - 21st tak silap.. dekat Hotel Seri Petaling.

Cam biasa la at first the reason to go is to get my almost nak abis Maybelline Clear & Smooth compact powder n L'oreal lipstick (kalau murah)...

Dah alang2 nak pegi tu aku pon bagitau kat Mimy n Iqa.. so Mimy kirim Garnier's White Mask, Garnier whitening deodorant and eyeliner (hitam). Mimy sempat pesan utk aku usha2 lipstick yg murah2 n color2 yg aku tau dia suka :)

So bila dah sampai tu, I managed to grab items pesanan Mimy - Garnier's White Mask @ RM18 for 5 pcs (i even grab one for myself). As for deodorant tu.. yg whitening dah abis (RM3 each) tinggal yg silky smooth @ RM4 each. Eyeliner color hitam pon for Maybelline n L'oreal habisss...

Maybelline compact powder yg aku target pon dah habis tinggal color putih jek.. harga RM8. But the new Maybelline Clear & Smooth (blue box) is still available at RM9 each.. decided to give it a try, I took 2 boxes (Honey) and 1 box (Sand Beige) for my mom. Other things that I bought are as follows:

1. Lipstick

L'oreal Color Riche in Brown Stone (3 pieces) @ RM17 each (my favourites! can't leave without it)
L'oreal Color Riche Eva Longoria @ RM17 each (2 pieces)
L'oreal Color Riche Michelle Yeoh @ RM17 each (2 pieces)
Maybelline Water Shine @ RM12 (1 pc) - this is for Mimy, can't remember the color.. but nice nude pinkish color that suit her taste

2. L'oreal Hair Color - Feria (RM17) and Creme (RM16)
3. Elseve leave-on hair conditioner (RM10)
4. L'oreal De-Maq Cashmere Make-up Remover (RM12) - first time using it n i give it 8 out of 10 as rating
5. L'oreal DermaExpertise face wash (RM10) - im using SKII before but after the product finished I started using Olay face wash.. this L'oreal thing work just find on my skin similar to Olay
6. L'oreal for Men face wash (RM4-RM8) - i got few ranges for my hubby to try out..

well.. this whole warehouse shopping thing doesn't stop here.. nantikan episode 2 of my shopping story and many more :)