Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adik.. where are you??

it was 3.10pm n i was in the middle of a meeting.
my phone vibrates in silence n i could see 'ayah' is calling.
it took me few seconds to answer,

"nina tgh meeting," aku terus bagitau ayah..

"oh ok.. ," he hanged up..

well it's not that i'm being rude, but i know my family would definitely understand n if there is anything urgent they would sms me to call back.
so i guess there's nothing serious.. probably ayah just wants to ask me something..

few minutes later my phone vibrates again n a text message from ayah appeared.. it reads:

'Joe left d hse. According 2 mama abang talked to him that upset him. He did not answer d fon. Plz cal him n ask him 2 cal me'

OMG... my heart skip a beat. what happened?? aku dah tak boleh nak concentrate lg in the meeting. it took me few minutes to think about wat i should do... i left the meeting room for a while and make a quick phone call to Adik.. as expected, it reaches his voice message... he has shut off his phone.

then i remember that he's also using 017 number.. i tried calling the other line but after 1 ring - a machine answered..please try again later. shit... i know i couldn't get him. aku rase hopeless sangat... so the least that i can do is to text him -

'Adik, kngah tau apa jadi. pedulikan la abang tu..just relax n tenangkan fikiran.. i know u r upset. meh balik rumah kngah. mama n ayah risau'

no response..

i've decided to sms Hafiz... Hafiz is my younger brother n Adik is the youngest. Hafiz is currently in Moscow doing medic n he'll graduate by next month... yup, he's gonna be da first doctor in the family and we are so proud of him. Last couple of years the bond between Hafiz n Adik has become closer. Apparently Hafiz started treating him more like a friend instead of adik... n i realized that Adik has become more matured and he socializes better. Adik ni pendiam n he keeps a lot of things within himself.. so kadang2 tu susah skit nak paham dgn dia. since he's not that good in talking, selalu benda yg dia nak sampaikan tu tak terluah hence he'd become upset.

but ever since Hafiz becoming close to him, byk benda dia start to open up n share his thoughts dgn Hafiz. Biasa la budak2 remaja byk je la conflict diri n conflict dgn parents... so in a way bila Hafiz tau pasal Adik byk la yg dia citer ngan aku n mama. Hopefully that we understand him better... which later we did. so in this case i hope Hafiz could reach his friends and mintak tolong diorg carik and tengok2kan keadaan Adik. I know in this instance, Adik would need sometimes alone to cool down. at least if his friend could ensure that he's doing fine, Mama n Ayah wont worry that much.

As for Abang plak, well let me put it this way... they despise each other...most of the time! ntah la mmg tak ngam. ade je benda nak argue.. but selalunya Abang la yg mulakan. Aku pon tak paham apsal dia suka sgt carik salah Adik. So bila mama ckp Adik upset dgn Abang, I knew there must be something that Abang said that touches his sensitivity.. ye la air tenang jgn sangka tade buaya. I dont blame Adik cos' knowing Abang, surely n aku yakin apa yg Abang cakap sgt tak patut although aku sendiri tatau apa yg Abang ckp kat Adik.

Aku called to speak to both ayah n mama, to ask what exactly happen. Ayah was not at home when Adik left.. Mama was alone. Apparently mama sendiri pon tatau cos' Adik only said - tanya abang, right before he left the house... yg Mama dgr, mula2 bunyi mcm org bergaduh coming from his room.. n knowing he was alone in his room, surely he's having n argument dgn someone over the phone. then lepas tu bunyi mcm org pecah barang n bila Mama open the door, kerusi dah patah... keadaan bilik tunggang langgang n he was sitting on his bed crying. Mama terus tanya wat's wrong n y? but he didnt said anything... he kept quiet n started packing his stuff. Right away Mama tau dat he's leaving... Mama called Ayah n Ayah asked her to grab his car keys but it was too late. Mama cuma sempat tarik beg Adik to stop him from leaving. But dia terus bla sehelai sepinggang...

Both Mama n Ayah were terribly sad over what happened. Mama tak boleh nak ckp apa2 bila call Abang cos' she was too upset. Yang paling aku kesian kat Adik is that dia baru je tamat diploma n he came back from Johor last 2 days.. budak tu baru je nak berehat n enjoying himself, tau2 dah jadi mcm ni. Sapa la yg tak tensen... aku rasa it is something to do about computer.. as if Abang complaint about Adik using the computer at home.. alahai benda kecik je pon nak berkira abang aku ni.

to Adik, if you r reading this please don't hold ur grudges... let it go, it's not worth it. Just forget about Abang cos' we all knew how bad he used to treat u n even Abang Chik (Hafiz). Nothing much we can do cos' he's the eldest... but i know that u are better than him. Mama, Ayah, Abang Chik n Kak Ngah love u so much no matter what. Come home and stay wit me if u hated his guts.. tade halnya..u can have ur own room.. amik laptop kngah n used the internet day in n day out.. Kak Ngah n Abg Armie won't mind at all! Balik la Adik...


butterflytwinlove said...

kesiannya adik u..i know apa yg u rasa coz i da pernah lalui bila my along n my angah pernah jadi camni..

i hope adik u ok..

dillazag said...

hope he comes home soon...
budak-budak.. biar dia let off steam dulu.. insya allah ok..

sue said...

You did the right thing. At the moment maybe he's not comfortable to talk to anybody. Just text him and let him know that you are there for him. He'll find you when he's ok. Don't worry take care. Oh, yes, I'm reading you your blog now.

deliena said...

oh thanks all my friends.. alhamdulillah my brother dah balik rumah. he's coping well now... luckily dia g rumah kawan dia that happens to be Hafiz's fren