Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obsession - Me & Make-up Art Cosmetics a.k.a M.A.C

i always love makeup.. it's impressing wat makeup could do n transform one person's look from ordinary to extraordinary without having to go under a knife :) as for myself, since i don't remember when.. aku mmg suka tgk org makeup mata. maybe cos' aku ni mata sepet aku mmg adore ppl with big eyes.. mcm aishwarya rai.. i likeee

dulu aku mmg tak pandai la nak apply eyeshadow n for ppl wit 'mono lids' like me, rasa mcm sesia je la nak letak eyeshadow cos' right da moment kitorg bukak mata, it's like.. ada pakai eyeshadow ke?? mane2?? it just dissapeared... hehe

but dat was years ago until few years back when i first stepped into MAC store in KLCC... for once aku nak tau how exactly one can do smokey eye look..

nice.. kan?? good for MAC, from the 1st day dat i step into the outlet, they managed to won over my heart with the customer service n not to mention the wonderful products. the lady promoter was great n provides good advice ever. from that point on, aku dah tak penah rasa takut2 nak apply eyeshadow :)

tapi aku pon penah rasa bad experience wit MAC. it was in year 2008 if not mistaken.. i went to MAC MidValley one Saturday to get myself a turquoise, teal kinda eyeshadow. Normally once a person walk into da store, a promoter would greet and assist you. But for me, masa mula2 aku masuk tu none of the promoter approach me... nak kata org tgh ramai tak jugak, cos' only one customer is having a make over n another lady yg tgh dekat kaunter. plus me, ada 3 customers masa tu.. n few of the promoters were just hanging around at one corner. aku tgh nak cepat masa tu, so all by myself, i chose the color dat i want and pick one terus je pegi dekat cashier to make payment. n still masa tu tade org nak layan.. so makcik sudah hangin, aku pon bersuara la -HELLO, I'M PAYING HERE...

pastu ada la sorang minah ni dari belakang, cepat2 keluar n apologize.. so nak dijadikan kisah, aku pilih color AQUADISIAC but the cashier pack the wrong eyeshadow instead which was HUMID (aku rasa it belongs to da lady customer yg sorang ni) n i just realized it was the wrong eyeshadow masa dlm kereta on the way balik. so definitely aku tanak patah balik kan.. a bit frustrated but the wrong shade was nice too.. so belasah je la.. cuma few days later i still have to get the right color n just pick Maybelline eyeshadow at one of the Guardian pharmacy.

i dont want to make a big fuss to MAC but a couple of weeks later i got a phone call from MAC customer service to confirm my contact details n asking whether i'm enjoying their products. dah ko tanya kan.. so aku pon jawab la pasal the bad experience at MidValley outlet. so the person online said that she will take note of my complaint and apologize for that. tapi aku tak kisah dah pon masa tu.. surprisingly, the following day their marketing manager call me up. she noted about my complaint and said that this matter will be highlighted to the outlet manager because excellence customer service is something important to MAC.

yg best part tu kan... a week later tetiba je aku dapat a bouquet of flowers that arrived at office with card n free retail size AQUADISIAC eyeshadow from MAC!!! the card said apologize and signed by the marketing manager :)) suke suke suke.. for me that was the best experience ever as customer.

aku ada get few great stuff from MAC recently.. it's Stacked 1! and Stacked 2! of the crush metal pigments of Spring Season... dah lama aku aim pigment ni, n the colors are great plus worth the money la. but at first aku nak carik eyeshadow ELECTRA, unfortunately it was out of stock :(

dah tu bila tgh tgk2 pigment, ternampak la da Stacked... dan sememangnya aku suka gila shades in gold so terus la sambar.. tak cukup satu, both Stacked aku cekup hehe

Oh ye sila abaikan background botol air n fries Carl's Jr tu ye.. makcik tgh tak sabar lepas bawak balik rumah terus shoot gambar ni kat atas meja makan :))
As for the turquoise bangle tu, itu bukanlah free gift yg dtg bersama2 product tersebut ye, tp cuma bangle yg aku pakai that day dgn tujuan nak mengglamerkan gambar yg di ambil..

last week plak aku telah pegi ke MAC Sunway Pyramid utk mendapatkan plush lipgloss (lupa nak beli masa beli pigment itu hari.. and again, plush lipgloss in AMPLE PINK is out of stock! (asyik out of stock je kat Pyramid ni.. sale diorg laju agaknye??).

I was just hanging around, killing time before 2.30pm movie (How To Train Your Dragon was superb!!!) so aku suh la promoter tu demo how to do shading n which color would look great on my usual, these ppl really know what they do n suddenly pipi aku yg tembam ni jadi kurang tembam bila dah buat shading.. i likeee

so aku pon grab few other things as well i.e few brushes to add into my current collection, sheertone blush for shading purposes, kohl eyeliner in SMOLDER, lipliner in DERVISH, n the wonderful eye n lip makeup remover (double thumbs up for this product - the best so far)

Despite of my obsession with MAC, there was one product that I'm not happy with i.e LUNA eye base.. it sucks big time! it makes my eyeshadow creasing, it's too light for my skin and it doesn't makes blending easily. There are few other brand that I found works better and does wonder for me besides MAC i.e ELIANTO's eye primer, URBAN DECAY primer portion (5 stars!), RED EARTH's liquid eyeliner (sturdy brush tip that glides easily on my lid!) and CYBERCOLORS eyebrow brush (works like magic!)

Aku baru je order few palettes of eyeshadow from eBAY... satu dah sampai n the quality is great and it's really a value for money! nanti aku citer lg di lain episode ya!

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