Thursday, April 1, 2010

Danial's 1st day at school

1 April 2010 is the official date for Danial to start his schooling days.
Me and hubby has decided since last year that we need to send Danial to school this year.
But due to my 'domestic problem' we have to defer the plan until the right time come.

So last two weeks we decided to enroll him into Harmony Montessori Child Home near our home.
Danial mmg selalu excited when talking about school.
He would keep on asking when he can go to school.
But when he realized that we going to enrol him for good.. dia dah start cakap - "Danial tanak pegi school lah"
Being his mom n knowing the inside out of my kid of course I have tons of concerns that I hope the teachers could deal with... Not that I'm freaking out or something but this is going to be a totally new experience for Danial since he has never stay in nursery before.
I wanted him to join school not so much for him to learn but to build his social skills n be more independent (being an only child n with maid at home, he got pampered too much!)
Not to mention to encourage him to response back in English when we talk to him... duk rumah dgn maid of course bantai cakap melayu jek..

After talking to the principal she let us to send Danial 2 days earlier FOC for him to familiarize himself.
So the 1st and 2nd day, my hubby took care of everything since he was on leave.
Since both of us is working we have arrange a transportation back n forth for Danial and he'll be taking the transport effective 1 April 2010.
I took over the 'pain-staking' task for today and tomorrow cos' dear hubby is started working today and Danial would have to adjust himself with the transportation.
Nervous myself, the morning routine went well cos' Danial is an early bird so takde problem nak bangunkan n siapkan dia pagi2.
But from the teacher's n hubby's feedback for the couple of days ago, Danial still cries on and off after we sent him to school.
And my weakness is that - I could not tahan if he's crying in front of me... i would cry too!!!

So, how do I prepare??
since his transportation will arrive between 7.40-7.50 am, I've started bring him outside at about 7.35am.
Dah tau yg dia nak pegi sekolah, the drama begins... he started crying, cranky, refuse to put on his shoe..

"Danial tanak pegi la ma.. Danial nak tgk tv" - crying :(

"Remember wat mama said, if u don't cry today mama belikan toy... u tell me what u want, n the toy will be waiting when u come back" - pancingan.. inilah gunanya borong toys during w/house sales n keep few away from him. Untuk digunakan di saat2 begini :))

So, when the car came by, they were 3 kids inside the car already. At the moment he saw, 2nd episode begins.. he hold my leg, pull my hand n refuse to get into the car.
Pn Lina - the driver, greeted us n bubbly, open the door and all the kids started saying hi and all..
But Danial cries even more and didn't let go of my neck when I put him inside the car :((
I just relax and try to pacify him.. Pn Lina said, nvm just leave him like that n he'll be fine..

"Mama ikut la.. mama ikut la... huhuhu" - crying while making some space next to him dengan harapan aku ikut sekali...tsk :( tahan air mata je masa ni.. tp mampu nak gelak2 lg (cover line weh)

I closed the door and the car left with Danial crying looking at me... moment captured... n I couldn't erased it from my mine.. it breaks my heart seeing him crying :((
I am positive n know that this is the best for him.
Tapi mak mana yg sanggup tinggalkan anak... kena plak bila dia menangis when u leave.. - accept those mom who throw away their babies, even binatang tak buat camtu (semoga Allah membalas perbuatan kamu syaitan yg bertopengkan manusia)

It's already 1 hour since he left... his school ended at 12.15... I hope he'll be fine.. ya Allah, Kau lindungi lah anak ku dan permudahkan lah segala urusannya di dunia dan akhirat Aminn..


sue said...

Insyaallah he will get use to the new life...memang sedih bila dengar anak menangis merayu2 nak be with us, tapi kita kena kuatkan hatilah kan...good luck to you !

norhaliana said...

Sedih betul cerita kak azni.. sabar bbyak

deliena said...

huhuhu tu la pasal... kita kesian terlebih.. but i think he'll adjust sooner or later. but yesterday teacher dia ckp dia nangis on and off, but no need to worry n it's normal. pagi tadi pon drama jugakkk huhuhu