Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear People of Kuching, Sarawak...

I lost my handphone! huhuhu sedih.. :(
I'm currently in Kuching Sarawak dan kali terakhir aku sedar yang handphone aku ada in-hand was last nite at about 7.30pm.. right before me and the team went for dinner at Top Spot.
Masa tu aku call Kak Ilya to tell her that everyone is already at the lobby waiting.

I'm pretty sure that the handphone was in my handbag all nite long and cos' i didn't take it out or use it throughout the night.
But the moment I'm back into my room, I realized that the handphone is not in my handbag.. abis punggah dah but still tak jumpa.
I went back to Top Spot in case I left it there (although I'm pretty sure I didn't)
But of course mmg tak ada la jugak..

Anyway, I know it has to be somewhere... tercicir n hidden cos' since last night until this morning, when we made calls to the number, the ringtone is available but nobody pick up..

So anybody out there who happened to read this.. especially people in Kuching, Sarawak if you stumble upon a Samsung Corby in yellow housing with a chain DELIENA dangling on it, I beg you please return it to Grand Margherita Hotel. Or you call my hubby at 012-3940918


Mimy Hamid said...

oh samsung corby yang comel...jangan la hilang aii suka sgt nak tgk..nnt tak leh tgk lggg

deliena said...

tu la mimy.. sedih oo.. baru je beli end last year :(
yg tak puas hati tu cara hilang tu agak misteri la jugak..