Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My 1st COACH

finally i got myself the first ever COACH handbag!! hehe suke suke... tak macam Haliana who got her COACH as bday present from hubby (huhu jeles jeles...) aku beli sbg hadiah untuk diri sendiri. Nak mintak ngan hubby, dia awal2 lg dah cakap yg he wont get me something that I already have 'too many' (that was his term.. so I have about 20+ handbags ONLY.. relaks la kan, women can never have too many handbags and shoes.. dont u agree wit me?? hehe)

cantik tak?? thanks to Kak Ilya n her sister from US for brought in this wonderful thing.. i know it would be hard to maintain but i loooveeee the color. my next target - TOD's handbag plak :))

1 comment:

sue said...

love it too..seriously cantik !!