Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Step... My New Beginning

This is it.. after years of looking, finding, I've finally ventured into enterpreneurship! yezza.. although i've started off few years back with my cupcakes biz, it was just a small venture. Too bad the biz has to be put on halt for the time being despite of the encouraging demand and all... to bake n decor the cupcakes require the time.. n I have to say that without a helper around, I don't dare to take any order especially when I'm still working full time and was promoted recently = more responsibilities!

Tapi setelah berjumpa dengan peluang kali ni, I will grab it and raise to the challenge :) Nak tau biz apa?? kalau orang tanya aku cakap je jual baju dalam ehehe... tapi percaya lah ni bukan sekadar baju dalam biasa tapi corset kesihatan dan kecantikan.. apa lagi kalau bukan Premium Beautiful :) Apa itu PB? Kenapa PB? I'm sure byk burning questions inside ur head right?? Ape hal plak me - an auditor with accounting background with a steady job n definite future career path suddenly nak become marketeer ye tak? What she's been thinking??

Hehe.. definitely I've done my homework.. perform my risk assessment (ehem2.. being an auditor of course this is the 1st thing that came into my mind) thinking it deep n thorough for 2 solid sleepless nites (seriously!) and YES I've finally decided to grab this opportunity and work my way up in 12 months time :) yupp.. u read me right.. just 12 months.. 12 months roadmap is all that it takes, insyaAllah :)

Stay tune.. will share with u guys all answers to the above burning questions in upcoming entries :)

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