Monday, August 15, 2011

My Battle Against Weight Loss

Salam all.. as of to date I've finally loss 10kg ever since I've started my diet program in April 2011. Alhamdulillah, it's been quite a journey n I shall continue until I reach my ultimate dream weight before November 2011 i.e Hafiz's wedding :-)

My whole life ever since I was a kid I was just a petite girl.. it never crossed my mind that I'm gonna have a weight issue until the reality hits me after Danial was born. In fact it wasn't so bad as I just hv the slight problem to get rid of extra 5kg after the confinement.. I thought the weight eventually will go away if I just put the extra effort in watching what I eat and light exercise.. But I was wrong... losing the extra 5kg was not that easy but to gain an extra kilos could just take days!! Talking about slow metabolic rate as you age.. huhuhu.. There was this one year during Ramadhan that I targeted to lose weight.. which I did lose 3kg but only to gain it back after 3 days Raya!!! Giler ape...

Year 2008-2009 was the year that I struggled to get pregnant again.. after months of trying, I decided to go to my gynea for help. Getting pregnant is not exactly my 'forte' cos' I have an irregular menses and my blood test showed that I have an extremely low level of progesterone hormone :-( I went through a whole year of hormonal treatment + 2 times IUI but all chances to conceive the second baby failed... the worst part is that the hormonal treatment makes me to gain more weight like nobody's biz!

Me during Chiangmai trip in December 2010.. dah mcm 'baby elephant' kata my hubby huhuhu

The idea of dieting n to lose weight was never in my diary before, hence when I started to put on kilos the reality hit me really hard. I was a small eater, but once in a blue moon I do have cravings for ice-cream or chocolates.. we are all women, how can we live without those right :-) As of exercising, mmg tak rajin la sgt although I used to be very active in sports before but enough said, after getting married n having children there goes my sports activities..

Over the last couple of years I've tried many attempts to lose weight but it all failed.. diet, exercising, joining gym, Jus Mate 5 (yup, even tried this before.. but d**n it doesn't work at all) n the most I would lose was only 3kg! then the weight loss just stop n i gave up.. then without long the 3kg started to gain back :-( So starting this year, determine than ever I decided to lose weight.. no matter what it takes. I'm done being uncomfortable n hate the way I look in photos. Someone introduced me to De Bella Litchin and based on her benchmarked progress I wanted to give it a try (she lose 7kg in 2 months). Guess what?? I glad i tried it out... i lost 5kg in 20 days!!! yup.. my biggest achievement ever.. n I even dropped 1 dress size :-) Best part is that I didn't feel hungry although I did lost my appetite at the beginning.. continue with normal diet but cutting down on carbs... n i felt more energetic than ever! However the weight loss started to slow down but still I continue to loss on gradual basis.

After the weight loss, i have a lot of 'sagging' parts on my body and started to do daily sits up (two sets of 30 sits up) hoping to shape up.. but of course I couldn't see the result fast. Until someone introduced me to Premium Beautiful corset (thank you Aishah and Kak Lily for opened up my horizon). Within 4 days on PB, I'ved lost 2kg and the best part is dear hubby started to compliment on how good I look since I've got back my curve and started to fit nicely in dresses.. sukeeeee :-)

Me taken on the 4th day of Ramadhan... see now, no more 'perut' hehe

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