Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm not selling, but...

if the product is good (as it does wonder in me) and by sharing the goodness can help me to sustain our living and at the same time a chance to be at home for my lil' ones, pursue my passion and thus helping dear hubby financially to provide the needs for our kid(s) current and future expenses... then a BIG WHY NOT?

Not everyone marries a millionaire. If you are, syukur alhamdulillah :-) .. to live in KL comfortably is... challenging! We may be able to sustain day by day expenses but what about future savings? Kids education fund? Me and dear hubby may be lucky to have educational sponsorships then but can we rely on that in future? It's about time that we strive to provide our own rather than hoping for hands down... and how about retirement fund? financial freedom once you reach 40, 50 years age?

Many whom knew me well would probably be shocked (as i shocked myself) why I agree to join the biz. After learning the biz plan and opportunity that it leads to.. I'll be a complete fool as to let it pass. Someone wise told me - 'Opportunity doesn't comes often' and that I really buy.. Yes, I have a dream biz of my own.. but realizing that with the current pace and earnings in the corporate world I may not be realizing this dream anytime sooner. But with this biz that I venture into insyaAllah soon I will be having the capital to pursue that as oppose of slogging 10-12 hours in the office (plus extra hours during the weekends) for a fixed take home salary.

There must be something in the biz that is attracting scores of professionals now - doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants. Yes, it deals with Superbrands product backed by multi award winning (including FORBES) company and as I said a chance to generate income for greater savings. Everyone must have dreams or goals in life. Current jobs may not help to realize those dreams. And if there's a way to do it, then it's only right to pursue that path.

Like any other job, we must work towards it. Not a quick scheme. We have to be diligent. It is fair... what we work for, we get the results. You set it, you determine it.. sky is the limit! Unlike in corporate world, the word 'fair' is very subjective. There are many factors that become the constraint which limit us from achieving what we have work for i.e competition, favouritism, quota, force-ranking, etc. Someone told me about how being in this biz require sacrifices.. well frankly I don't see it as sacrifices.. in fact it's willingness.. I've been working real hard for the past 8 years.. going through the ups and downs, blood and tears (oh i'm just exaggerating on the 'blood' part hehe..) yes, it comes with promotions..yet another responsibilities.. Nonetheless I'm not even 50% close in earning 5 figure income :-( with all the intentions and dreams to be realized, I know that I have to iniatiate a step to improve this situation and I have to do it fast. Furthermore with only 12 months roadmap to achieve to the top (I know it is possible..) this is just a blink of eye as compared to 8 years period that was already down the memory lane.

Another plus factor as my biz partner rightly said it - "this dream is more than money, or time, or freedom; it's a way of life.. change our life to make others' life meaningful as well" - isnt't that right?? :-) My partner has a noble intention and dream and that is to setup a tahfiz school one day. This makes me work harder to help her realize that dream! Somehow it makes me realize how short life could be.. since Ramadhan started I've been surrounded with sad news about others' losses - father, mother, spouse, uncle, aunty, sister... Ajal comes at any age. It makes us who are still breathing to wonder, how full is our bucket when our time is up?

This biz even helps the lower income group, single parent to provide better for their charges. It's a chance to reduce the gap in our income inequalities. Not everyone has business charm like Branson or as tactful as Buffet. But a biz like this helps to bring out the enterpreneurship in just about everyone. Like what Tony Fernandez fav. quote - Now Everyone Can Fly! .. instead 'Now Everyone Can Do Biz!'

If you think that this biz is beneath you, then syukur alhamdulillah you must have something that is working very well for you. For most, this is a golden opportunity to help them live and provide better for their loved ones in this capitalist world.

So judge us not, just wish us the best :-)

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