Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Me, Weight Loss and Premium Beautiful

Personally after about 7 months into the year, 2011 has been quite a great year so far.. well not all great of course but I decided to leave all the sad stories n bad experience behind and move forward towards achieving my dreams :) Barang lepas buat apa nak dikenang, ye dak? Move on gurl..

One of the biggest achievement by far is my journey towards achieving my pre-wed body/weight :)) Hehe.. yup I've been struggling with the excess weight after gave birth to Danial... actually not so bad lepas bersalin tu but months and years later I did gained A LOT especially in 2009 during my hormonal treatment to conceive the second baby :( after months on Clomid and twice IUI, all failed.. and i decided to give my body a rest and 2010 was a year of detoxification from those drugs that I took earlier.. It was quite an experience (not so nice one though) n I hope I dont have to go through those process again!

Byk kali gak aku cuba loss weight last time.. most of the time guna kaedah traditional i.e bersenam dan diet.. unfortunately it took 1 month to loss 3kg! that includes abstained myself from rice.. after 3kg tu mula la the weight loss process will drag n slowww down. Stress!! Until this year bila K.Ilya from my office start taking De Bella Litchin n she loss 7kg in 2 months! Wow, aku pon rasa teruja nak cuba... before this I've tried Jus Mate tp mmg sia2 je... Jus Mate is a food replacement n it makes me hungry!!! tp berbeza dgn Litchin, it's like a supplement that one have to take before breakfast, dinner n right before bed.. rule of thumb, kena minum air yg byk.. i'm talking abt 4-5liter each day. And guess what?? after 20 days on Litchin, I've loss 5kg and drop 1 dress size :D YEAYYY!!! Mau nye x happy...

So since April until to date my total weight loss is 9kg... but I've stop Litchin n now start wearing Premium Beautiful corset instead to continue the weight loss until I reach my ultimate goal! Cos' I've spent about RM1k already on Litchin n will definitely need to continue buying until I reach my dream weight.. tapi with PB, i realized that it's one time investment that (1) still promotes weight loss, (2) help me to shape up after losing all the weight before and (3) regulates blood circulation n promotes health<-- hoping it could indirectly increase my chance of getting pregnant again, naturally :)

Within 4 days by just wearing the waist nipper alone (before I got my full set) I've dropped extra 2kg! This is amazing... And for the first time ever, dear hubby start asking how much I've lost, and puji how curvy I am getting! Hehehe.. uish I was in cloud nine.. bukan senang dear hubby nak puji tau... :)) Walhal before ni dah byk gak loss especially when i drastically loss 5kg in 20 days.. friends n family members dah tegur tp hubby buat dek je.. In fact hubby siap tanya bila nak pakai full set PB! wah.. dia plak yg lebih kan.. but i notice that in just few days mmg ketara perubahan pada badan... more shapey n potongan lebih kemas.. now i know how the product really worth after paying so much!

If u guys want to experience it yourself.. give me a call or text me at 013-3619592 for free consultation

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