Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old memories..

Waa syoknya it's gonna be a long weekend this week + dear hubby is around :)) today i'm all in a mood for uploading photos n stuff.. masa going through all the files terjumpa la this one short clip of dear Danial when he was only 3 months old... i remember that when i took this clip he has started giggling n it was the time when he used to be so chubby (ee geram giler). Just imagine that he was only 3.03 kg when he was born and he's already 7 kg when he was 3 mths old!!! masa tu he has started to wear 6 mths old's clothes. But now he's only 10kg.. kesian anak mama.. he started to loss weight when he was 7 mths old without reason.. he's a fussy eater now but takpe la asalkan anak mama ni sihat :)

ouch i tried to load the clip but failed.. nvm will try again later :) Anyway this are few of Danial's photos when he was 2 and 3 mths old

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