Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bling Bling

I had a second piercing on both ears today! I know it's nothing biggie but suddenly I have the 'urge' to do it (maybe after watching Elyana in the new telemovie 'Renjis' at Astro.. she got this nice earring looks like writing of her name on her right ear). Hmmm wonder gak nape dari dulu lg aku tak buat ek.. mmmm (?)
Anyway I just had a simple one on both ears.. well there was a small pain last about few hours but what a heck I've experienced more intense pain during labor.. there is a saying - sakit bersalin adalah sakit ke dua selepas mati. So lepas beranak tu it's like 'so, this is how sakit beranak...boleh la beranak lagi pasni..' well it was painful only Allah knows but it's all worth it :)
Eh lain plak citer masuk... hubby is working night shift this weekend.. tak best aa tade geng nak komen konsert finale AF season 6 malam nanti :(
But mama n ayah is coming tonite yeay!

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