Friday, March 28, 2008

So Tired...

Penatnya rasa this last few days.. alhamdulillah finally my report is out for review.
I had a serious mind-block this time around - big time!!
I went for a training last 2 days by Urban Forum. It is all about critical thinking...
wow I can't believe that all this while I thought that I am an open-minded person, a structured thinker, etc.. 'TETTTT' I was soo wrong... it's just by default that nature made us to be close-minded!
tak caya?? tak caya tanya la saya ;) but seriously I am right..
Very interesting subject matter and no doubt the training cost a lot! lucky that I got chosen (hehehe...)
So my plan tomorrow is to go for Thai body massage with Kak Dilla (waa syok gak la bila kena lipat2 dgn masseuse..memula tu cam sakit skit tp pastu best2..) after office.
My next assignment is deferred until 'only God knows' when, so I'm unassigned!!! mcm leh gi ronggeng jek..ade chan! tp tak best gak sbb tade 'kaki' maa... org lain sume bz jek dah start assignment baru.. but I dont think that I'll be unassigned for too long.

But till then I need to clear off my working papers, exit meeting, ESR, yada2.. (isk2 baru type pon dah terasa how penat it can be to go through all that)
Arghh forget abt work first will ya?? Yayy weekend ni nak bawak Danial g pet exhibition kat mid valley :)) that is something to look forward to..

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