Sunday, March 16, 2008

PD Picnic & Langkawi Holiday

Last month we were all out for a holiday mood. With the long break during CNY, me and hubby decided to go for a picnic at a waterpark or so. So we went to Blue Lagoon @ Port Dickson, mula2 ingat nak pegi Desa WaterPark but then bila pikir balik, Danial is too small for all the water adventure, so rugi la since u paid so much for the facilities but unable to utilize it all. It's been a while since we paid a trip to PD and Danial was so excited over the beach and we keep on laughing when Danial squeals over little baby crabs that dear hubby put on his feet.

Anyway a week after CNY, we already plan to go to Langkawi for a short vacation. It's kinda last minute plan in fact after dear hubby managed to get his leave approved in January. I was truly looking forward for the break and I am so glad that we did! we took a flight on Wednesday and back on Saturday. It's a 4 days-3 nights stayed at Berjaya Langkawi Resort & Spa (as usual..) and we really enjoyed our stay.... it was sunny hot days but totally perfect for sight-seeing and relaxation. And oh, I really missed the rojak buah at Pantai Kok (highly recommended..). I've started to think that we should be doing this more often..3 times a year perhaps, abang? :))

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