Sunday, March 16, 2008

Deliena Cupcakes is back!!

Arrghh I'm so lazy and swarmed with works that I couldn't find the time to post new stories. The only time that I found suitable would be after office and at home. But by then is my quality time with Danial and if I dare to on my laptop he'll be pretty much excited over it and that's it.. the laptop is all his! So, months went by and 2008 doesn't make that all much different from previous year.

However I'm glad to announce that my cupcakes are back in business and I've received few orders already for the past few weeks. This time around it is much better, bigger - used a different size of baking cups and better one :)

Anyone interested, give me a call at 013-3619592 - Deliena Cupcakes... For Any Occassion..

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