Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Need Help

urmmm.... at beginning i thought i want to close this blog and just maintain my new blog but then i just hv a soft spot for this blog since it was my first 'baby' :)
well i never was an active blogger before.. tulis pon ntah apa2 n x pandai pon nak update2... syok2 je org lain berblog bagai aku pon nak buat kan.. :P

until i decided to take a leap in my life by starting my new biz, i just want to start fresh n hv a blog solely for biz purposes..
what a heck, just maintain both ye dak?? until i can afford my own domain hehe...
actually one of the reasons why i decided to start a new blog is because... i'm sick n tired trying to fix the layout of this blog!! and becos i'm sooo x pandai berblogging walaupn dah mengoggle solution bagi permasalahan ini... i'm still a loserr....GRRRRR...

if you guys can see, i dunno why laa my suppose to be right hand panel gadgets (dunno la ape benda ni dipanggey) duk nun kat bawah... my profile, stat, blogs im following, etc2 yg normally we hv it on the sides panel tetiba appear kat bawah!!!
stress babe... :(

another thing, some photos that i upload didn't appear as it should plak... ntah apa2 la... (maybe i yg x pandai kan)

so i need serious help from those out there yg sudi membantu diriku yg mmg la x pandai ni :)) nnt i banjer ye hehe..

p/s: cemana caranya nak adakan pages kalu pakai blogspot? alaa yg ada tab on top slalu org letak Home, About Me, Contact Us, etc..kena bayar ek??

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